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Cancellation Policy

When an appointment booking is made, Hilary commits this time to be available to provide a consultation to you and/or your young person.


For this reason, 48 business hours notice is required for any cancellation or change to appointments. If less than 48 business hours notice is given, you will still need to pay for the appointment.

Morgendorffer Lane Therapy is not open over the weekend, and as such the notice period applies to business hours. This means if you need to reschedule an appointment on Monday 9am, you would need to do so by 9am the Thursday prior. For a 9am Tuesday appointment, you would need to cancel/reschedule 9am the Friday prior in order to give sufficient notice.

You should receive a reminder of your appointment via text/SMS two to three days prior to your appointment. Please note this is a courtesy service only and can be impacted by technological difficulties and staff absences. As such, it remains your responsibility to attend appointments and the absence of a text/SMS reminder will not lead to fees being waived if you do not attend your appointment or cancel with less than 48 hours notice.

The courtesy text/SMS is intended as a reminder of your upcoming appointment, not a reminder to reschedule your appointment.

Morgendorffer Lane Therapy reserves the right to reschedule appointments at any time, without compensation, if it is deemed necessary due to staff illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

If you do not attend your appointment, or if you cancel or change your appointment with less than 48 business hours’ notice, a cancellation fee of $250 (I.e. the full session fee) will apply. The cancellation fee will be processed via the payment card details you have provided. The cancellation fee must be paid before any future sessions can proceed. Please note that you cannot claim a medicare rebate or private health insurance for cancellation fees.


Please make every effort to notify the practice if you are unable to attend an appointment - there are often other clients waiting for appointments, and it would be appreciated if other clients could be given the opportunity to attend.


You can cancel or reschedule an appointment via your Halaxy account, which you will be invited to create at the time you make your first booking.

If you are cancelling/rescheduling an appointment with less than 48 hours notice, you must do so by either:

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