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About Hilary...

As a therapist

I recognise and acknowledge that we may have different experiences and identities in terms of our race, cultural background, religion, gender identity, sexuality, and neurotype.


Working with people individually to help improve their lives is important, and I do so while also acknowledging systemic and societal influences. I work from an anti-oppressive, neurodivergence affirming, trauma-informed and intersectional feminist framework. I am LGBTIAQ+ affirmative and informed, sex work positive, and inclusive of diverse relationship structures.


My practice aligns with the social and empowering models of disability; I work with clients and their families/supports to identify and meet their access needs, and always centre clients’ goals, expertise, and autonomy.


I work from a strengths based approach, which means we identify and build on your strengths, as well as working on things you find difficult/want to change. I incorporate a range of modalities in therapy, and will work with you to figure out which approach will be the most helpful.

As a therapist

As a human

When I’m not at work I’m a classic homebody; I enjoy sewing my own clothes and playing cozy video games like animal crossing, ooblets, wylde flowers, unpacking, and zelda. My favourite youtubers are simplynailogical, safiya nyygard, and plumbella.


I spend a lot of time with my rescue greyhound Jane Lane (Janey), who is the light of my life/goblin of my heart. She has an impressive collection of colourful coats to keep her warm in winter, and every morning she has a corner of my peanut butter toast and the last mouthful of my tea.

Janey reminds me to slow down and delight in life's little pleasures, so the practice is named after both of us.

a black greyhound with white markings on chest, nose and toes. Standing on silver wrapping paper, mouth open & ears up, appears to be smiling.
black greyhound with grey and white markings on nose and neck, wearing a multi-coloured jacket. Jacket has stripey arms and gumtree leaves, flowers, and butterflies. Human leg in foreground wear black leggings covered in colourful pizza print.

Jane Lane

As a human
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